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Ariana Grande In Quarantine With New Boyfriend

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Ariana Grande in quarantine with new boyfriend

A mystery man has been popping up on Ariana Grande’s social media posts. The dude can be seen in one video playing with Grande’s dog Toulouse. Fans did some digging and it turns out the pop star’s quarantine partner is her new boyfriend named Dalton Gomez.


Ariana Grande in quarantine with new boyfriend


The relationship has been going on for a few months now. Gomez is not in the entertainment business like her previous boyfriends Pete Davidson and Mac Miller.Gomez is a high-end real estate agent who handles multi-million dollar listings in Los Angeles.

Ariana Grande in quarantine with new boyfriend


It was revealed that Gomez is the guy that Grande was spotted making out with at a dingy bar way outside of LA a few months ago.

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