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Bella Hadid Has Drunken and Sexy Birthday Photoshoot With Friend

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Bella Hadid Birthday photos2

Bella Hadid is clearly having a blast celebrating her 24th birthday. After sharing photos of her on a private jet with friends, the star showed off her bikini body in a sexy photoshoot.

Bella Hadid Birthday photos2

Missing from the private jet is Bella’s sister Gigi who just had a baby. Hadid revealed, “I usually cancel any kind of big birthday celebration so this year I just wanted to take my beautiful friends on an adventure that was absolutely non refundable.”

Bella Hadid sexy birthday pics2

Bella Hadid’s hot photos are in a series of snapshots taken on a dock in front of a waterfront setting. Hadid admitted the she and her friend had shared “A few Bday elixirs” as one pic shows the pal spanking Bella Hadid’s booty.

Bella Hadid sexy birthday pics2 Bella Hadid sexy birthday pics2



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