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Bethenny Frankel Takes Shots At Kim Kardashian For Lavish Birthday

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Bethenny Frankel celebrates birthday on private kitchen island2

Several negative comments were posted under Kim Kardashian West’s social media posts about her having a lavish birthday party on a private island during a world wide pandemic.

Bethenny Frankel who also celebrated a birthday this month took a jab at the reality TV star as well. The Skinnygirl CEO staged her very own “private island” photo shoot ahead of her 50th birthday next Wednesday except she and her daughter were draped on her kitchen island.

Bethenny Frankel celebrates birthday on private kitchen island2

With the “Keeping Up With Kardashians” star has received backlash for spending $1M on her mask-free week-long getaway, Frankel opted to stay home. “Took the family to my private (kitchen) island” the former “Real Housewives of New York” star said as she posed in a sweater and jeans with tropical decor in her Hamptons home. Frankel’s crew included her two dogs.


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