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Biggest Celebrity Weight Losses

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These celebs look dramatically different from the first time we were introduced to them. Some star get gastric surgery to finally drop the pounds but others were motivated by new movie roles. Either way these Hollywood stars look unrecognizable after weight loss. 

Melissa McCarthy Weight loss

Melissa McCarthy is famous for acting high-spirited characters in films like “Bridesmaids”, and The Heat.  She always struggled with her weight. However, for her latest role, she is pulled out something her fans never imagined possible: the actress has succeeded to lose 75 lbs!

Rosie O’Donnell weighed as much as 240 pounds but after suffering a heart attack, she underwent gastric sleeve surgery. The procedure was done in July 2013, and after that, she managed to weigh 175 pounds. Today, she looks much healthier and in shape than ever before.

Jonah Hill Weight Loss

While filming “Moneyball”, Brad Pitt inspired Jonah Hill to live a healthier lifestyle.  After filming, Jonah started a strict weight loss program by doing regular workouts and eating a healthy balanced diet. He didn’t want to go through any cosmetic procedures and opted to go with hard work, which we admire.

jennifer Hudson weight loss

Jennifer Hudson didn’t bag the “American Idol” title, but she won our hearts oh and an Oscar. Jennifer wanted to start a healthier lifestyle and lose some weight, but since she wasn’t a big fan of exercising and she didn’t want to resort to plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures, she decided to adopt a healthy diet. With the help of a weight loss meal system she shed eighty pounds.

Tom Arnold weight Loss

Tom Arnold had been a rather big guy, but after the birth of his son, he decided to switch to a healthier lifestyle. He got in shape the natural, healthy way by sweating it out and eating healthy food. He lost over 100 pounds and these days.

alec Baldwin Weight Loss


Alec Baldwin was diagnosed as a pre-diabetic, and fearing for his health, he decided to change his lifestyle. He cut out the sugar in his diet and started to exercise regularly, eventually losing up to 60 pounds. His blood sugar is in normal levels, too. Now, he is looking better than ever, is healthier and his career is booming again.

john Goodman weight loss

John Goodman has always been typecast as the “big guy”, diagnosed as obese when he was 52. Now at 64, John is healthier than he was before. He hired a health coach and started to undergo some strict diets to help him get rid of around 100 pounds. He did it without any help from any plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures.

Mo'nique weight loss

Mo’Nique has never been apologetic about her figure. The curvy actress didn’t go on a diet to please trolls and critics, but because doctors had concerns about her health. So Mo’Nique waved goodbye to her beloved fried meats and fast food and got herself a healthy diet plan. She documents are high sweet workouts on social media to help her stay focused and encourage others to stay healthy too.

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