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Busta Rhymes Shares Secret To Loosing 100lbs in 1 Year

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Busta Rhymes body transformation (1)

In just 12 months, Busta Rhymes has dropped a remarkable 100lbs and regained control of his health.

In a new interview with Men’s Health, the rapper talked about his fitness journey and how he kicked it off be sending a direct messages to professional bodybuilder Dexter Jackson.

Rhymes said while recording his latest album he was the unhealthiest he had ever been in his life adding, “I was so focused on the music being the best that it could be, I didn’t put any time into taking care of myself.”

Busta Rhymes body transformation (1)

The excess weight caused Rhymes to suffer from sleep apnea and he had developed polyps on his throat that were blocking 90% of his breathing. “The doctor told me that if I caught a cold or slept wrong that I could die. . . . It felt like this was on me now, and I had to steer things in a different direction. I was too young to be on all of these blood-pressure medications and acid-reflux medications.”

Rhymes moves to Florida to train with his intense routine including three workouts a day on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays and twice daily on Tuesdays and Saturdays.  With the help of a private chef he is eating every two-and-a-half hours and consumes 12 egg whites at a time.


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