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Cardi B Claps Back at Wiz Khalifa For Trying to Start Drama

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cardi-b-claps back at wiz-khalifa

As stars spoke out against the GRAMMY nominations, Wiz Khalifa seeming pitted Cardi B against Nicki Minaj in his Tweet. One fan Tweeted, “Cardi wining a Grammy when nicki minaj didn’t is the biggest proof that they don’t know a shit bout music,” which fellow rapper Wiz Khalifa retweeted adding, “Most self made artists have this problem.”

cardi-b-claps back at wiz-khalifa

Cardi didn’t like the comment and called him out on his hypocrisy, posting a screenshot of a DM he sent her in 2016. She wrote, “This was N****s in my dms in 2016! They really support you when you grinding at the bottom then it’s a different story when you make it !”

“Your doing a great job and the way you address things is admirable. Keep your light shining and don’t let others take it. Peace and love,” Khalifa wrote to Cardi early on in her career. cardi-b-claps back at wiz-khalifa

Cardi continued, “I don’t understand why n****s entertain tweets that pit successful women against each other? Ya not tired of that? Specially when ya was rooting hard when a b**** was at the bottom.”


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