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Celebs Are Clamouring To Be Cast In A “Tiger King” Movie

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Dax Shepard vying for role as Tiger King Joe Exotica

As the world stays safe in place right now, we’ve all been tuning into the dramatic Netflix documentary “Tiger King” and celebs are no exception. Several Hollywood stars are not only obsessed with the series but they are vying for the chance to star in a film remake of Joe Exotic’s story.

Dax Shephard tweeted out his desire to star as the locked up zoo owner but several other stars chimed in. Shephard wants Channing Tatum to play his toothless husband, while actor Justin Long suggested Jim Gaffigan for the role of “Doc” Antle.


But Dax better pick up the phone and call SNL star Kate McKinnon because she’s already working on a  limited series where she’ll play the role of the hated “Big Cat Rescue” owner Carole Baskin


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