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Demi Lovato Reveals Wild New Look In Bikini Selfie

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Demi Lovato Reveals Wild New look in sexy selfie


Demi Lovato is taking a walk on the wild side. The pop star just revealed a wild new look in a bikini selfie. Wearing a leopard print bikini with lime green trim, Demi showed off her new haircut featuring matching lime green tips. She also proudly claimed the photo is filter free with no editing.


Demi Lovato Debuts wild new look


Some fans think that Demi’s new hair is a clue that she is working on new music with Billie Eilish who has also been wearing the unusual hue.

Does Dem's new look mean she's working with Billie Eilish


Demi Lovato just finished an acting gig so she has time to try new looks and give us new tunes. Hopefully there will be more selfies too.

Demi Lovato Debuts wild new look

Demi Lovato selfie

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