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Dionne Warwick Just Discovered Who Cardi B And Offset Are And It’s Hysterical

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Dionne Warwick introduced to Cardi B

Dionne Warwick continues to wow us with her Twitter rants. The legendary singer has just discovered who Cardi B and Offset are and we are gagging at her hysterical Tweets.

After watching video clips of Cardi, Warwick said she loved that the rapper is “authentically herself.”

When she asked “What does Offset mean?”, fans tried to help her out.



Warwick clarified that she isn’t “throwing shade” by saying her doesn’t know someone, she’s just curious to learn from her followers.


Cardi was shocked and overjoyed by their new found friendship. When Ms. Warrick received “mean responses” about the two rappers, Cardi responded,  “It’s ok Miss Dionne I get it all the [time]. This new generation is wicked !”


We can’t wait to get her reaction to Cardi’s latest single “WAP.”


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