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Dua Lipa Does Hilarious Sketch Asking Elderly About Herself

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Dua Lipa does funny prank

Singer-songwriter Dua Lipa stepped in to host “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Monday night and pulled the ultimate prank on some lovely elderly folks. She interviewed them about herself without them knowing.

“A lot of my fans are young but I’m always trying to reach a wider audience, so I decided to reach out to some seniors,” Lipa said to kick off the segment. “These are real people who I interviewed over the internet. I told them I was conducting a survey about music, but didn’t tell them who I was.”

One person was confused by her name and asked if she was referring to The Doobie Brothers. Another person loved the clip of Lipa’s song “Break My Heart” adding, “That’s a good one, I’m writing it down.”

Check out the funny clip below.


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