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Elle McPherson Shares Her Secret to A Hot Body At 55 years-Old

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Elle McPherson beauty secrets for hot 55 year old body


Supermodel Elle McPherson was known as “The Body” and she’s proved she’s still got it. The model recently shared that staying fit start with what you put in your body. This sexy bikini pic of Elle McPherson was used to promote her own line of supplements. She also believes in protein shakes, being with nature and meditation for a healthy lifestyle.

Elle McPherson beauty secrets for hot 55 year old body3

Elle explained, “people ask me what I do to keep in shape. First of all I start on the inside with @welleco super greens , it’s a one and done evolution of the multivitamin and mineral , a beauty support right down to your mitochondria. 💚. I use our clean lean nourishing plant protein as a snack in between plant based meals welleco.com -and I spend as much time as I can in nature swimming , walking – and drink loads of filtered water. Meditation/ reflection/ prayer is a important to me, it only takes 10 mins a day but is a non negotiable. I love @sheilamsperez unique method for lymph drainage and which is key for my well-being. You can check her out on line.and in between body sessions at home @therasage infra red sauna for immune systems , detox – my favorite spa in nyc for all things face.”

Elle McPherson beauty secrets for hot 55 year old body

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