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Emma Stone Recalls Boozy Chats With A Listers At First Golden Globes

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Emma Stone Remembers first golden globes

Emma Stone is now a bonafide A list actress with an Oscar win under her belt but the beauty recalled an embarrassing moment at her first Golden Globes award show.

Back in 2011, Stone brought her mother along for her first big red carpet event. She was shocked to learn she was seated next then it couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. On a recent episode of “The TOnight Show”, Stone recalled her mother had a little too much champagne adding,  “[My mom] started asking Angelina Jolie like, ”Do you have kids?” And I was like, ”You’ve gotta be out [of your mind].”

Stone continued revealing “they were so nice. We had a blast. That was a very fun night.” Hear more from Emma Stone in the video below.


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