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Halsey Explains Why She Doesn’t Say “We” When Speaking on Black issues

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Halsey respond to critic who says she doesn't claim she is Black

Halsey has been on the front line of protests for justice for George Floyd but she faced some criticism in speaking out on the issues of racism and police brutality.

Halsey responded to a tweet that read, “Notice how @Halsey never claims her black side, but she ‘supports.’ Stop being ignorant. She’s never claimed her Black side. This is why I will NEVER support her. On her post she says ‘let black ppl speak,’ not ‘let our ppl speak.’ Nah, f–k her,” they wrote in a now-deleted tweet.

Although the educated pop star is indeed bi-racial she explains, “im white passing. it’s not my place to say ‘we.’ it’s my place to help. i am in pain for my family, but nobody is gonna kill me based on my skin color. I’ve always been proud of who I am but it’d be an absolute disservice to say ‘we’ when I’m not susceptible to the same violence.”


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