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Here’s What Miley Cyrus’ Family Thinks About Cody Simpson

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Cyrus family loves miley dating cody simpson


A source close to the Cyrus family has told the media how the crew really feels about Miley rekindling her romance with Cody Simpson. Simpson joined the Cyrus family in Nashville for Thanksgiving weekend. The source told E! News, “Cody came out to Nashville for Miley‘s birthday and stayed for Thanksgiving. Miley‘s family loves Cody and was happy to have him stay. They all celebrated the holiday together at Miley‘s family house. Everyone gets along very well and Miley‘s siblings have welcomed Cody in. Their relationship is fun and easy. He’s one of the crew.” The family is also very happy that Cody supports Miley’s sober living.


Cody simpson joins cyrus family for thanksgiving



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