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Is Chris Evans Quitting Acting?

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chris evans talks about quitting acting

“Avengers” co-stars Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson interviewed each other recently. In this intimate conversation they talk about their current projects and if they ever come back to the Marvel universe.

Evans revealed that he’s contemplated quitting acting. He says, “Every couple of months, I decide I’m done acting. This has been my thing for decades now. I’m always looking for a way out, but I do love it.” He did say he’s looking to get onto a TV show first before calling it quits, “I think TV right now, those creative minds are given a bit more freedom. It feels like movies sometimes get inundated with studio notes, and all of a sudden, what was once an original idea becomes boiled down to the lowest common denominator, and then you have no one’s favorite movie but everyone’s lukewarm movie. I think that’s why people may be turning away, and looking to things like streaming service shows that actually are innovative.”


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