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Is Kendall Jenner Dating Jordyn Wood’s Ex?

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is kendall jenner dating Jordyn woods ex


This weekend Kendall Jenner posted a photo with a man named Fai Khadra and adorable baby Psalm captioning it, “everyone in favor of Fai and I staring a family say I.” It’s unclear if the good looking pair are actually dating or just friends but she certainly has her family’s support. Sisters Kylie and Kim as well as mom Kris all commented on the post showing their support of Kendall’s proposition.

Kendall Jenner dating Fai, jordyn woods ex


Fai Khadra was also Kendall’s date to Hailey Baldwin’s wedding. Kardashian/Jenner fans did some digging to find out who Fai was and it turns out he may have dating former family friend, now turned foe Jordyn Woods. Jordyn was Kylie’s best friend for many years until she had a make out session with Khloe Kardashian’s baby daddy Tristan Thompson.

Is Kendall Jenner dating Jordyn Woods ex

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