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How Far Will Jamie Foxx Go For A Role? He Brought His Horse To Meet Quentin Tarantino.

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Jamie Foxx knows a good role when he sees it.  In the clip above he discusses finding out about the script for “Django Unchained”.  Foxx understood its appeal but he had stiff competition as both Will Smith and Idris Elba were on the short list to play the lead character.


So what was the x-factor that convinced director Quentin Tarantino that Foxx was right for the role? If you let Jamie tell it,  his love of horses won him the role:


“I had already learned the text and everything. I performed it in front of him but here is what I think won him over. I had my own horse.  I got my own mother—-ing horse outside” – Jamie said.


According to Foxx this blew Tarantino away and he responded in shock and awe saying;  “You have your own f—ing horse? Are you f—ing serious, you have your own horse!?!”  Now, we can’t tell how much of this story is true but Jamie Fox does seem wild enough to pull a stunt like this.


Foxx shared the hilarious story while sitting alongside actor Michael B. Jordan during a TIFF presentation. The two were there to discuss Just Mercy, their highly anticipated new film premiering at the Festival. Check out the official trailer below


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