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Kim Kardashian Explains How She Picked The Name Psalm For Her Youngest Baby

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Kim Kardashian explains choosing her children's names


Kim Kardashian explained she waited until the last minute to name her youngest child. The government gives you a 10 day grace period to chose a name and Kim said she had an hour to go before her youngest son was named John Doe. She told the hosts of “Live with Kelly and Ryan” “In the morning, I woke up and Kanye [West] was working and busy and I know our list and so I called every sister and was like, ‘What are you all doing?’” She enlisted the help of Kendall and Kylie but the sisters were torn.


Kim describes emotional baby naming process


She practiced every name on her list to see what fit. She describes the process of naming her children as “very emotional.” Hear Kim’s story below.


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