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Leaked Video Sheds More Light On Taylor Swift/Kanye West Feud

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new video of call between taylor swift and kanye west has leaked

A new video of Kanye West having a phone call with Taylor Swift has been leaked. What seems to be an unedited version of the infamous phone conversation that took place between Taylor Swift and Kanye West over the rapper’s song “Famous“ has come to light.

In 2016, West’s wife Kim Kardashian shared a clip that showed Swift approving a lyric in which West raps: “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex.”

Swift admits on the call that she doesn’t think the line is mean but she does ask for time to think about it. At no time in the new clip does West make any mention of the fact that he would call Swift a “bitch” in the song or claim he “made her famous”.

Listen to the whole call below.


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