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Leann Rimes Reveals Skin Condition With Sexy Pics

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Leann Rimes poses nude to expose psorisis

Singer Leann Rimes is using her platform to bring awareness to a skin condition that plagues many people. Sharing near-nude photos, Leann Rimes revealed that she suffers from psoriasis.

The star said, “Music has been my gift, and why I’m here. But I want to give a voice to these other pieces of me. And I want to give a voice to what so many other people are going through. This is finally my time to be unabashedly honest about what psoriasis is and what it looks like.”

leann rimes nude pics

Rimes also penned an essay for Glamour magazine about her skin condition saying,  “By the time I was six, about 80% of my body was covered in painful red spots—everything but my hands, feet, and face.” Kim Kardashian West is another sexy star who also suffers from psoriasis.


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