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Liam Payne Gets Into Screaming Match With Club Bouncers

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Liam payne confrontation with texas body guards


Liam Payne got into a screaming match with bouncers at a Texas bar after they refused to let in his underage girlfriend. The former One Direction singer was in San Antonio Friday night with his Instagram model GF, Maya Henry who is only 19 years old. Payne got into a screaming match with the huge bouncers and claims the security pushed him. In the video below you can hear Payne threatening the bouncer saying “I’ll lay your ass out.” Watch the scuffle go down in the video below.



You can see dirt on the back on Liam’s shirt in the video above. He claims in a social media post that he’d been “jumped” by three of the bouncers when he left but tried to renter the club with his girlfriend. He is threatening to sue the nightclub in Henry’s hometown.


Liam Payne threatens to sue bouncers who pushed him.



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