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Miley Cyrus Celebrates Six Months of Sobriety

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Miley Cyrus is sober now

Miley Cyrus once lit up a marijuana joint on stage at the MTV EMA awards but has revealed she is now six months sober. She initial quit drinking and smoking to prepare for vocal chord surgery after being hospitalized for tonsillitis. Her recovery consisted of “several weeks of silence.”

Cyrus says she continued to be sober and it opened her eyes to a lot of emotion things. Cyrus said that asking herself, “Why am I the way that I am?,” led her to “understand the present and the future much more clearly.”

“My mom was adopted, and I inherited some of the feelings she had, the abandonment feelings and wanting to prove that you’re wanted and valuable,” she told Variety. “My dad’s parents divorced when he was 3, so my dad raised himself. I did a lot of family history, which has a lot of addiction and mental health challenges.”

She continued, “It’s been really important for me over the last year living a sober lifestyle, because I really wanted to polish up my craft.”


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