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Quentin Tarantino Says He Owes His Career To “The Golden Girls”

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Quentin Tarantino says he owes career to golden girls


Quentin Tarantino recently explained how his long career in Hollywood is all due in part because of a small role on the hit TV show “The Golden Girls.” On the “Tonight Show” the director explained that he was an extra in the “Sophia’s Wedding” episode that aired in 1988. He continues, “It became a two-part ‘Golden Girls,’ so I got paid residuals for both parts. It was so popular they put it on a ‘Best of The Golden Girls,’ and I got residuals every time that showed. So I got paid maybe, I don’t know, $650 for the episode, but by the time the residuals were over, three years later, I made like $3,000 [nearly $5,700 in 2019]. And that kept me going during our pre-production time trying to get ‘Reservoir Dogs’ going.”

The small moment helped fund his directorial debut and the rest is history. Listen to the tale below.


Check out the clip that earned Tarantino those checks below.

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