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Rebel Wilson Reveals She Was Once Kidnapped At Gunpoint

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rebel wilson reveals she was kidnapped

Rebel Wilson recently revealed that she was one kidnapped and held at gun point. During her interview on the Sky One show “Straight Talking” Wilson talks about her life struggles adding, “There was one time in Africa where I got kidnapped.”

Wilson said she was with a group of women in rural Mozambique in East Africa when their group was ordered to get out of their car. The actress did not say when the incident took place.

rebel wilson reveals she was kidnapped


“These men come on another truck with a lot of guns,” Wilson said continuing,  “with the big guns, and were like, ‘You’ve got to get off your truck.’ They took us to this house in the middle of nowhere.”

She continued, “I feel like I was very good in the crisis. I was like a team leader.” “They sat us down. I said, ‘Everybody link arms,'”  adding, “I’m petrified in the night they might want to take one of the girls or something. Luckily, we weren’t harmed.”

Wilson says she and the others were released the next day as if nothing had happened at all. “They came and said, ‘Oh, your truck is ready now you can go- go, go,’ you know,” she said. “So we just didn’t ask any questions, we got back on that truck and just got back out of there and then crossed the South African border a few hours later.”

Watch the preview for Rebel’s interview below.



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