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Sean Combs Reveals He Spent A Summer With The Amish

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sean diddy combs lived with amish

Sean “Diddy” Combs leant his celebrity to a great cause. The music mogul spoke at a charity even for the Fresh Air Fund, revealing that he once attended the Summer camp program for city kids.

During the virtual gala, he said, “My name is Sean Love Combs and I am a former Fresh Air Fund kid. I grew up in Harlem. We didn’t have any summer camps.”

sean diddy combs lived with amish

He reminisced about a time spent at a bed and breakfast in New Hampshire, where he learned to play tennis. Then he revealed, “I went and stayed with an Amish family, and that was crazy because there was no electricity and things like that — it helped me to survive,” he said. “It helped me . . . to have those experiences that [tell you] everything’s going to be all right. There’s no electricity.”

Now he runs a major media company.


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