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Tamar Braxton Talks Going Bald

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tamar braxton talks going bald

Tamar Braxton revealed that at the age of 13 or 14 years old a bad perm left her “bald as a rat.” The singer said, “my hair hasn’t been the same ever since, to be honest. I feel like once you go through a chemical process like that, your hair never goes back to the way it was.” The incident inspired her new reality TV show “To Catch a Beautician,” where Braxton helps seek justice for victims of salon disasters, with help from celebrity hairstylist Johnny Wright.

tamar braxton talks going bald

During a recent interview about the show, Braxton did clarify that her big buzz cut in 2018 wasn’t an accident nor a cry for help. She simply says, “Sometimes you’ve got to build yourself up to get ready to fight the world. I used to feel pressured to look a certain way in Hollywood, but I don’t anymore. I think you can rely on your talent and work ethic to speak for yourself; that’s what I do now.”

Check out the first episode of Tamar’s new show below.



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