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These Bikini Clad Stars Roasted In The Sun Instead of Roasting Turkey on Thanksgiving

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sofia Richie and more stars soak up the sun on Thanksgiving


While most of us stuffed our faces for Thanksgiving, these celebs soaked in the sun. These bikini clad stars showed off toned bodies as they relaxed in the lap of luxury instead of dealing with disgruntled family and dry turkey on Thanksgiving. We can certainly give thanks for these hot pics.


dua lipa bikini roasting on thanksgiving

Dua Lipa shared sizzling photos of herself wearing a pink, heart print bikini while vacationing in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef for her Friendsgiving.

Pamela anderson in white bathingsuit

Pamela Anderson was also in the land down under for work on Thanksgiving. The 52-year-old model/actress looked amazing in a white bathing suit out on a luxury boat in Gold Coast, Australia, where she was busy filming a commercial and posing for a photoshoot.


Sofia Richie bikini thanksgiving

Scott Disick only had his hot bikini wearing girlfriend Sofia Richie in tow for Thanksgiving. The two soaked up the sun in Miami skipping the Kardashian’s feast.


Heidi Klum bikini pics for thanksgiving2

Heidi Klum spent the American holiday in Mexico with her new husband. The couple had fun swimming in and Klum even graces us with this near nude pic from behind.


Heidi Klum bikini pics for thanksgiving



Kim Kardashian bikini photo


Kim Kardashian West spent Thanksgiving with her family but used her curvy body to promote a Black Friday deal on her SKIMs underwear line.


Teresa Giudice bikini pic

“Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Teresa Giudice showed off her hot bikini body on Thursday with a snapshot from her trip to Jamaica with the reality shows.



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