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Weinstein Company Settles With Harvey’s Victims For $25 Million

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Harvey Weinstein company payout to victims

Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein has reached a tentative settlement with dozens of his alleged sexual misconduct victims. Weinstein is not required to admit wrong doing in this judicial decision nor will the money come from his own pocket. Insurance companies repping The Weinstein Company will shell out $25 million to be distributed to these women. The settlement means that all civil suits against Weinstein and The Weinstein Company will also get dismissed. However he still faces criminal charges in two cases.

The total payout is actually $47 million with a huge amount covering legal costs, then 18 alleged victims splitting $6.2 million and no individual getting more than $500k. The remaining $18.5 million will be set aside for those in a class-action case and future claimants.

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